KeyPad & NumPad for Mac App Reviews

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Just what I needed

Works well. Thanks!

Pay the man already

I bought this app so I could hook my MacBook up to the big screen in my living room and control quizlet from the couch which is only scratching the surface of its tools. After using it I would have paid more for this and his choice to earn a little money is deserved. Constantly updated, lots of features, and user friendly.

Works well, but disgruntled by pricing practice

I’ve been pleased with how this app works with Sibelius. But I paid a few bucks just 3 months ago to get a nice featured app without ads. Then a recent update to the app introduced ads unless I now pony over more money to the developer in a subscription. It was hidden in a “release note” that the pricing model switched from paid to “freemium”, but it’s not really freemium when I already paid for the app and now need to buy a subscription just to remove ads.


Difficult to connect. Constantly misses strokes and not all functions on pad work. I want my $2.99 back

No good

Doesn’t work.

Was a great product, until...

Originally, this app solved the problem of not having a 10-key pad on my laptop. While it still fulfills this function, it does so with an intrusive advertisement. I wouldn’t care had I not actually PAID for this app before this change was made. I kind of got swindled there.

What was missing from my mac

This makes life so much easier for entering numbers. As far as I can tell, you can set up buttons for shortcuts in an app. I haven't tried to do that, yet, but I will be soon! Solid app.

I’m a college professor teaching iOS development.

And I love this app. I was looking for something to help me control keynotes full of embedded coding video snippets and the modularity of this app has saved me days of work trying to make this myself. If you don’t know, presentation remotes never have all of the right key combos for more than the simplest slide shows. This allows you to basically make your own fully customizable Mac remote for useful key presses.

Truth in advertising

Does exactly what it said it would and does it well. For once money well spent.

Not Much More To It

Needed it for Pro Tools and it works like a charm! I used to use Karabiner but since upgrading to High Sierra, they, for some reason, specifically removed the functionality to map fn+NumberKey to a numpad key entry. The app does exactly what it says, acts as your numpad. It connects to your computer as long as you're on the same wifi network and you've downloaded the app (free) on your computer as well. Beautiful 😭

Never connects - no one to contact

I try different ways several times in last months and still can not connect to computer like the lite version did. I would like this to work please help.

Perfect for Sibelius

Does exactly what it says. One less thing I have to travel with now!

Works perfectly!!

Great job, Mr. Cherpak!

Good Stuff!

This indie developer makes me a truly happy user - just right for what I needed.

Great Buy!

Great numeric app helping me with shortcuts in Pro Tools!

Fabulous app!!

Does everything it is supposed to do. Well worth the money.

👍🏼Good job

Setup was easy. Responsive buttons. Haptic feedback did not work on Iphone 6+ but thats ok since I will not be using it. Saved me from getting a physical keypad. 😃

Was expecting a completely wireless experience

Macbook and iphone are on the same network but fails to connect. Even tried using the "Scan QR code" with no success numerous times. Firewall has been adjusted to allow incoming traffis to the Remote Helper app but still no success, even with the firewall completely off. Only seems to work plugged in which means the added hassle of an extra cable.

I can finally unplug my numeric keypad!

Never been a great "typer" -so a numeric keypad really helped me out when entering numbers. Have had wired and bluetooth keypads - the bluetooth died so fast & wired takes up valuable USB outlets as well as space This opens up both - LOVE IT!!!

Perfect...saved me $40!

Wanted a number pad for my MacBook pro to use with some music software, and this simply works. No lag or anything.

Doesn't work

Doesn't work or is to hard to make work.


Excellent App for MacBook Pro as an external numeric keypad.

Very useful !

Keep up the great work!

Great app

Thank you for the application. Keep it up.👍🏼

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